Just Paste Me

Nowadays, everybody can publish on Internet. There are plenty of social networks and services that allows you to create content and make it visible to the world.

The only thing you need is device with Internet access and account.

But wait! Do you really need to create account and login and leave your privacy all around by typing your email, name, phone number... only to leave a trail in world wide network?

Not any more!

If you want to create page and share it to the people, on Just Paste Me all you need is couple of minutes and good idea.

Use our editor to create rich html content with images, videos, links, even with inline styles, confirm that you are not a robot (yes, this is necessary because this service is for people, not for robots) and PUBLISH IT! If you want, you can give your page a title, custom link, sign yourself and send a link to your page via email to yourself (NOTICE: We will not collect email addresses in any way, or give them to the third parties. We only use it to send a link to the page). But that is only if you want. If not, just publish a page, copy a link to share with somebody or use one of social networks share buttons to publish it instantly.

You can edit page that you have created until session expires (24 minutes) or you close browser.

Want to tweet longer than 140 characters per tweet? No problem, just create your endless tweet and share it on Tweeter. Want to create collage for publishing on Facebook? Just add pictures and text and share it. Need a place to upload your photos and share them on the forums? It's OK with us to use our service as long as you agree with our Terms of use. Write a poem and send it to your loved one. Save a recipe for cookies and send it to your friend. Take a pictures of your dog, publish them and make him famous.

Use our service in any way you want. But, don't missuse it and don't hurt anybody because we do this for fun!

If you have any troubles using our service or any questions or suggestions, write to us on support@justpaste.me.

If you find page with unacceptable content, please report it using big red "Report page" button at the bottom of that page. Have in mind that this service is private property and we don't have to explain why certain content is published or removed, but every report will be carefully reviewed and act upon.

Thank you for helping us make Internet more interesting and safer place.


Just Paste Me Team